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5 June 2023 - 9 June 2023
Circular Economy Online Matchmaking Week

How online matchmaking works in practice? 

A matchmaking event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. A short online meeting is enough to make first impressions and build new connections. 

Attend the online 1-to-1 meetings on your computer with just one click, no software installation is needed.

In a nutshell:
  • Before the event: Register and book meetings
  • During the event: Have 1-to-1 meetings online using this b2match matchmaking platform
  • After the event: Give feedback

Note: We suggest that you use the up-to-date version of Edge, Chrome or Firefox. Technical requirements for virtual meetings

And in more detail:

1. Register

Register to the event on this website, remember to select your time zone. Describe clearly what you are looking for and what you can offer to potential partners, remember to add Marketplace opportunities to your profile. The better the participant profile, the more meeting invitations you will receive! 

Note that the participant profile is your digital business card, and it is visible to other matchmaking participants and all Internet browsers around the world.

The organizers check and activate all the registrations.

2. Book meetings

Login and check other participants’ profiles, bookmark your favourites and send meeting invitations to those you wish to meet, by clicking on the “Request Meeting” button.

Select the meeting duration and the date and time of the meeting, write a message to the guest and send the meeting request. 

The guest will agree on your proposed time by accepting the meeting. Wait for the meeting confirmation from your partner. You will receive it through your email, you can also check your meeting schedule in "Meetings". 

Remember to also accept/decline the incoming meeting requests. 

You can also send messages to other participants via the matchmaking system.

You can book meetings until the very end of the event, however the most popular participants might already be fully booked at that time. Note that only the accepted meetings are scheduled. 

The time zone is shown on the top of the "Meetings" page.

You can book and manage meetings on this website, and also with the app 'b2match', which is available for Android and iOS.

3. Prepare well for the meetings and be on time!

To make the most of the online matchmaking event, prepare well and get to know your meeting partner in advance. 

Check your personal meeting agenda in “Meetings”, the time zone used is shown on the top of the page. The meeting agenda includes information about who you will meet, at what time and a link to join the 1-to-1 online meeting. In "Meetings", you can also test your camera and microphone, and send an invitation link to a third person to join the meeting. 

We suggest that you use the up-to-date version of Edge, Chrome or Firefox. Technical requirements for virtual meetings

4. Join to the online meeting 

Login and go to "Meetings" to see your personal meeting agenda. Note that only the accepted meetings are scheduled. An online meeting can be started at any time before its ending time and it will not stop until one of the participants has ended it. 

At the time of the meeting, click on the green button "Start Meeting" and the meeting window opens on your Internet browser. Please, be on time. 

You do not need any additional software for the meetings, only an up-to-date browser, a microphone and preferably a webcam. The browser might ask permission to use your computer’s microphone and camera - make sure these permissions are enabled, as you will not hear or see your meeting partner if they are not. 

Note: We suggest that you use the up-to-date version of Edge, Chrome or Firefox. Technical requirements for virtual meetings

During the meeting, you can 

  • share your screen 
  • chat with the other person
  • invite a third person to the meeting
  • end the meeting  

If for some reason the meeting partner doesn't join the meeting, send the person a message through the matchmaking system (browser or mobile app) and agree another time to meet. The organizer can also help you in setting up a meeting later in the event. 

    5. Give feedback after the event

    The organizers will ask for your feedback on the event and the meetings you had. 

    You can rate all your past meetings in "Meetings". You will also be informed about unrated meetings through Notifications. 

    We highly appreciate your feedback, as it is valuable information on how to improve our matchmaking services and whether the meetings you had were useful and will lead to cooperation. 

    Enterprise Europe Network reports to European Commission, and it is important to us to show that our partnering services help companies to find new international partners. Please notify us any collaboration agreements that you reach with other matchmaking participants. 

    The feedback you provide is handled with strictest confidentiality.

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